Our Webbing Material

As you are scrolling through our website you are probably seeing names of webbing material that you might not be familiarized with. Well, here is a break down of our 4 Main Types of different webbing that are sold to you through your online or in-store purchases. Please note that as we continue to build our website and add new products, we might not have all different color variations for each product. Don’t see a specific strap color? Feel free to contact us at help@everythingtiedown.com or via phone 214) 794-5543 and we will gladly help you out!

Diamond Weave

U.S. Patent : 8,136,555 Diamond Weave™ - property of RWC.

Diamond Weave webbing is our premium USA material. It has two different patents for abrasion resistance and edge protection. We guarantee you have never seen a strap that will last long as this one. We have sold this material for years in the long-haul and auto transport market and are now making this long-lasting product into towing, interior transport, and flatbed tie-downs. Everything Tie Down offers the following colors in 2-inch straps: Black, Blue, Gold, Gray, Hi-Viz Green, Hi-Viz Orange, Pink, Purple, and Red. The following colors are offered in the 4-inch webbing: Blue, Gold, Hi-Viz Orange, and Red.

Big Yellow

Our Heavy-Duty big yellow webbing is used on our our standard 2”x 30’ and 2” x 27’ straps with Double J Wire Hook and Flat hook. Need a custom length? We can have something made for you up to 300 feet in length. Contact us! Big Yellow Ratchet straps are assembled in the Lone Star State of Texas! All our products that say “Big Yellow” on their titles are made using this webbing.


Standard webbing is great quality webbing that is woven in the USA. Looking for something that is a bit softer and still meets all D.O.T requirements? Standard webbing is your go to! We offer it in a variety of different colors. 2” includes: Green Orange, Yellow, Red, Black, White, Blue and Variety of Different Camo Color Options.  3” inch include: Blue, Orange and Yellow and finally 4” includes Green, Red, Yellow and Blue


Tecnic webbing is our import line that comes from overseas so it is more economic for our customers who are looking for a lower price. Tecnic material is tested at 18,000lbs break strength in linear pull. The Reason we use such a material is not because we need that much break strength but instead it is so that we have a tougher abrasion resistant weave. It is exclusively used on our towing and auto-hauling lines. Colors that we offer are Hi-Viz Green, Hi-Viz Orange, Red and Yellow. We can custom make products and lengths only in the Hi-Viz Green and Hi-Viz Orange